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Fendi Policromia Customisable

As the creative director of this line, the Fendi heiress and jewelry designer Delfina Delletrez followed the trend of customization in offering over 100’000 options to create each watch as unique as possible.

Author By Holly Albertson

Why did we choose it?

At Fendi, family and especially women have been an important aspect to their company. In 1925 Adele and Edoardo Fendi started the company as a fur and leather shop in Rome. In 1946 the second generation joined with the 5 sisters! A granddaughter, Silvia Venturini Fendi became the third generation in 1994 and now we have a fourth generation starting with Delfina Delettrez Fendi who built her reputation as an eminent jewelry designers for many years. Her modern and creative sense brought her to help take the brand’s watch department up a notch. On that line, Fendi recently unveiled, the made-to-order Policromia watch collection !

What is interesting about it?

This collection is customizable in over 100,000 unique combinations! To start, the client picks the size of the case either 33mm or 38mm and the metal options: either stainless steel, 18kt yellow gold, 18kt rose gold or mixed. The thirst step includes the choice of the bezel  adorned with diamonds, emeralds or sapphires, in either round or baguette cuts.

Fendi Policromia customisable watches - Alligator leather strap and dial choice
Fendi – Alligator leather strap and dial choice

The fun starts when choosing the color of the genuine alligator leather strap! The website boasts 42 different colors, ranging from variations of white, brown, orange, red and even green. Perhaps the most exciting part though, is the face of the stone. This can be created by choosing from various options of natural stone such as opal, jasper, obsidian, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl or malachite. These vibrant colors come together in a geometric fashion, finishing off the bold look of this watch. Delettrez had never created a watch before, she treated this task as if she were creating a bracelet. The outcome? A stunning and complex piece of jewelry! If the choices seem too daunting, there are some ready made options available on their site as well, but it is worth a try coming up with a personal combination to express a particular style!

Fendi - Policromia collection watches with diamonds and genuine stones
Fendi – Policromia watches collection with diamonds and genuine stones
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