The Reine de Naples by Breguet

Owning a Reine de Naples screams femininity and that the wearer is nothing but woman.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The sleek curves of the diamond wrapped oval case, a mother of pearl face and golden threads through the braclet hint at the mystery and allure of the woman wearing one. Every woman is an alluring mystery and a Breguet Reine de Naples graces the wrist and/or fine watch collection.

A quick glance at my beautiful time piece, shows me the moon phase with a power reserve of 40 hours, tells me it is time to take a break from the day to day business of life and invites me to consider the intricate workings of such a beautiful piece of time keeping elegance.

Another glance at this beautiful watch, tells me it is time to get about my mid-week schedule. Pick up the children, satisfy their growling tummies and deliver each to their ballet and pottery classes.

Where the heart lies…

Valentines’ day is fast approaching. Glue, scissors, construction paper and paint. The kids are making their valentines for their parties. My husband is assisting one of our daughters with placement of glitter and glue, I catch him looking at my wrist and a smile spreads across his handsome face as he sees his gift gracing my arm.

One thing is for sure, a Reine de Naples makes a statement of grace and style, no matter the occasion. With the mother of pearl face and the clear diamonds gracing the edge of the watch, it whispers romance and allure.

Like children, when the power runs down on this time piece, I can lay it down for a bit, nestled softly in it’s bed of velvet and let it recharge quietly.

Time for another Valentine gift.

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