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The Ruby Gardenia by Sicis

The Sicis Gardenia collection was born in its Italian headquarters in Ravenna… probably inspired for their flower gardens.

Keeping in mind that micro-mosaic is one of the oldest techniques used in jewelry, Sicis went back centuries ago to re-interpret what was long forgotten in a modern and contemporary style.

The Gardenia timepiece isn’t really a watch. Yes, there is a case with hours indications hidden below the heart of the flower paved with diamonds and rubies… but it is much better of … hidden.

The Gardenia is a three-dimensional bracelet with precious stones and nano-mosaic parts that can eventually give you the time, but whoseg first purpose is to serve as sparkling accessory to a formal elegant outfit.

Limited Edition of 10 pieces with:

– Flower petals made of thousands of nano-mosaic parts
– Flower’s heart made of diamonds worth 2.96 carats and rubies worth 2.97 carats
– Satin strap
– Titanium case
– Swiss quartz movement
– White and rose gold case

(~ 25’000 Euros)