Alexia Demblum

Belgium raised but Geneva based, Alexia Demblum masters the art of combining minerals to precious porcupine quills for a bold unique look.

Alexia Demblum is a jewelry passionate since her early youth. As a child, Alexia spent hours playing with the velvet jewel boxes of her grandmother. What a better way to start a love affair with jewels than discovering vintage rings, 60’s retro style necklaces or wooden jewelry as a child growing up?

Born in Antwerp, the Belgium designer was raised amongst an international business family that pushed Alexia to develop her artistic skills. Not only keen on fashion and design, Alexia is also an adventure seeker, a passion she shares with her husband Olivier Demblum.

Her extensive travels across the globe have clearly influenced her perception of beauty and opened her to different cultures. During a trip in South America, Alexia and Olivier have discovered the traditional Kayapo headdress made of long feathers worn by Amazon tribes. Feathers and cotton, nothing simpler and at the same time nothing more sophisticate.

With her entrepreneurial spirit running through their veins, the creative duo decided in 2015 to launch their eponymous jewelry brand whom Alexia infuses with its inherent sense for design and aesthetic.

Le Pic earring by Alexia Demblum, the first creation of many, is a perfect combination of mineral and animal materials. The earring stuns by its versatile style that goes from sexy and elegant to classic when paired with a tailor suit. Handmade in a Genevan jewelry workshop, Le Pic embellishes the porcupine quill – sourced cruelty free in Africa – with a refined gold cabochon. Facing a huge success, Alexia Demblum has developed its range of natural horn peaks finished with ruby or turquoise cabochon and even a glamour full white diamonds version. The perfect single earring to adorn your ear with a bohemian –rock style.

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Alexia Demblum Le Pic Nude Bicolore
Alexia DemblumLe Pic Nude Bicolore en or jaune 18ct
Alexia Demblum Le Pic Studded white diamonds
Alexia DemblumLe Pic Studded white diamonds
Alexia DemblumLe pic cabochon emerald
Alexia Demblum Le Pic Pendant Necklace
Alexia DemblumLe Pic Pendant Necklace
Alexia Demblum Le Pic Cabochon chaînette
Alexia DemblumLe Pic Cabochon chaînette

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Alexia Demblum

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