What piece of jewelry should you offer to your Aries or Pisces friend ?

Are you looking for an original gift to give to babies in March? The Eye Of Jewelry offers you a selection of 10 jewels associated with their birthstone!

Author By Justine Dupont-Martin

The birthstone of March is the aquamarine. From the Latin “sea water”, hence its light blue or even transparent color, this gem has been known since antiquity as the stone of sailors who use it as a lucky charm. It is even said to soothe seasickness.

Used to align the chakras of our body, this stone which belongs to the beryl family would play a role of purification and would act favorably on our respiratory system. If you are shy by nature, aquamarine will be perfect to help you communicate with others by facilitating your verbal expression.

Aquamarine is also said to act on the heart chakra, bringing love, compassion and tenderness. Of a soothing blue, the March birthstone is said to work on anxiety. It would help to fight stress and would bring positive thoughts, giving room to an inner peace…

Stones with multiple virtues both physical and psychic, the aquamarine will be a beneficial gift for your loved ones born this month –

Discover our selection of 10 aquamarine jewels here :


Diamond and Aquamarine Ring – Kimberly McDonald
Lovebirds Ring – Annoushka


Nautilus Necklace – Brooke Gregson
Theodora Ring – Dubini
Aquamarine in March – Maison ROMAE
Boho Ring – Ole Lynggaard
Mini Aquamarine Ring – Anissa Kermiche
Gypsy Ring – Jacquie Aiche
Art Deco Ring – Gemmyo
Illusion Necklace – Rivka Nahmias
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