Is Chanel Jewelry really worth it ?

Chanel women wearing camelia ring

The Chanel Jewelry Line has truly stood the test of time. From beautiful craftsmanship and artisan work, these items are worth every penny. With Vintage Chanel holding its value so strongly, we can only assume the same will happen with contemporary items.

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Chanel Sous le Signe du Lion Earrings pearls and diamonds white gold earrings
Chanel – Sous le Signe du Lion Earrings

The Chanel Fashion House started in 1909, with their first jewelry line becoming official in 1933. From the beginning, their items have played a major role in the jewelry world. Coco Chanel was and still continues to be an inspiration for not only the Chanel Jewelry Line, but others. Their use of fine quality goods and artisan craftsmen make their items worth the value.

Coco Chanel created a costume jewelry line out of her own obsession. Her love for mixing high-end jewels with more affordable pieces led to costume jewelry that became to that day a big trend. Many people look at Chanel Jewels to find their mix of diamonds with cultured pearls, or other higher end and lower end items. This status that Chanel has doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, allowing their items to hold their value. For example, many of Chanel Vintage Jewelry items are being sold at incredible prices, these days. These items hold their value due to the timeless style and craftsmanship, allowing us to predict that the current items will do the same in the future.

Chanel Vintage bangle medallion lam skin
Chanel – Chanel Vintage bangle

When it comes to fine and high jewelry, since the official creation of the Chanel Fine Jewelry division in 1993, the brand has put a lot of value in their designers and artisans. Chanel has been creating fine jewelry and high jewelry collections every year for more than 25 years. They worked they way to build their reputation and earning the respect of jewelry brands that have been established for more than a century. Being independantly owned by the Wertheimer family, Chanel was able to do so thanks to their vision and respect for the high jewelry craftmanship in making jewelry the traditional way keeping in mind how Gabrielle Chanel always worked : with precision, perfection and style.  Therefore, acquiring a Chanel piece of  jewelry is worth it based on the above and the whole history that lives in each and every Chanel branded product. Nothing is left to chance.

Chanel evolves with its time mixing technology and craftmanship come together to make perfect and modern pieces. These items would make Coco proud!

Part of using the best quality items is to go straight to the source. Chanel invests in high end specialists, purchase suppliers to integrate them in-house. As an example, in 2016, Chanel purchased a high end silk production company in the Loire region. They’ve also purchased specialist in feather suppliers, lace suppliers, cashmere producers and leather goods manufacturers. These items are mostly found in their Fashion Collections, but sometimes in their Jewelry Lines. Having access to these top artisans and suppliers opens the door for creativity and quality with their jewelry using the same process.

Many people question the worth of Chanel Jewelry when they learn that most of their pearls are not real. Chanel chooses to use cultured pearls in their jewelry, purposefully. Coco Chanel loved mixing high end and lower end jewelry and the use of cultured pearls fit perfectly into that model.

Chanel coco crush ring mounted on yellow gold
Chanel – Coco Crush ring

Chanel also takes pride in their diamonds. Any centerstone over 0.25cts will have a diamond certificate from GIA or HRD, both world renowned labs.  Their other diamonds will still be examined by an expert gemologist to ensure high quality. Chanel is very aware of ethical issues regarding diamonds, which is why they abide to the Kimberley Process. They guarantee that their diamonds are sourced from non-conflict countries, by real legal sources. Their vigilance and respect for these ethical standards also helps to increase the value of their items.

The Chanel House has always taken pride in their work, and their current lines are no exception. Taking inspiration in Coco Chanel, their designers and artisans are able to create timeless pieces made of the best quality products. The efforts to go straight to the source and stay ethical, make every piece worth their prices. These items are likely going to hold their value, as you can see with the Vintage sales prices. You truly are purchasing an investment and historical piece when buying Chanel Jewelry.

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