We’re going to let you into the secrets of the illusion setting, a DJULA innovation

Djula Beverly Hills Collection

Although the label founded by Alexandre Corrot made a name for itself with its provocative-spirited glam-rock pieces, whenever it comes to challenging traditional jewelry techniques, Alexandre is not one to be outdone. Prime example – the illusion setting, a one-of-a-kind stone-setting method whose trompe-l’oeil effect is literally ‘wow’.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The Eye of Jewelry: How did this illusion setting idea come about?

Alexandre Corrot: To celebrate the inauguration of our Beverly Hills boutique in 2018, I thought about a collection as a tribute to the City of Angels and to its art deco style. Art deco in jewelry is when the white diamond reigns supreme, fully-paved. I reinterpreted the paving by infusing it with DJULA’s stylistic codes: audacity with a hint of transgression. At DJULA, there’s also an art of wearing – where fine pieces are stacked or layered together to create an XL volume effect – which I wished to transpose onto a single-set paving.

Theiofj: So, what does it consist of?

AC: It’s a one-of-a-kind setting technique mixing differently-cut diamonds, brilliant and baguette or brilliant and triangle. As such, the paved-worked stones give the impression (or illusion) of an emerald-, pear- or marquise-cut solitaire.

Theiofj: How long did it take to perfect this technique?

AC: It took us several months to obtain this “double-interpretation” setting. We performed a great deal of tests until we found the perfect positioning for the stones where they created a harmonious, graphical ensemble.

Theiofj: Which collection was this new setting launched in?

AC: The Beverly Hills collection in 2018. A deliberately-refined jewelry line which, paradoxically, is actually highly-sensual. XL volumes, linear perspectives and curves blend together in these pieces adorned with geometrical patterns which are totally paved with illusion-set diamonds. This setting is also used in our new Marquise collection.

Theiofj: Which piece embodies the illusion setting best for you?

AC: The earrings from the Beverly Hills collection which unfurl like fans. A real technical feat because, in addition to the illusion setting, the pieces are articulated so they remain flexible and light to wear!

Djula - Gold and Diamonds Beverly Hills ring
Djula – Gold and Diamonds Beverly Hills ring
Djula - Diamond drop pear earrings
Djula – Diamond drop pear earrings
Djula - Gold and Diamonds Beverly Hills earrings
Djula – Gold and Diamonds Beverly Hills earrings
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