What kind of Fabergé woman are you?

You can be an artist, you can be an entrepreneur or a charmer. You can be loyal, you can be ambitious or bossy. You will still find a Fabergé timepiece that will suit you. And if you happen to be all of them at once: Congratulations Lady ! You deserve to try them all and at least get one for your collection.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Fabergé has been back in the watch and jewelry radar for now 3 years. They have demonstrated their capacity to develop jewelry timepieces not only to the level of a high jewelry brand in terms of gem-setting but also to the level of respected watchmakers of the industry collaborating with Agenhor.

Women have been recently the main focus of the industry’s creations. Therefore, since Fabergé is now recognized as one of the important players of the industry in terms of feminine timepieces , The Eye of Jewelry spotted 5 Fabergé watches a woman should wear. In order to pick the one that suits her best, let’s define first what kind of woman are you!

If you are an ARTY woman you will go with the LADY FABERGE.

Simple and monochrome, the Lady Fabergé is a no-brainer. It’s timeless and goes straight to the point. With an artistic mind like yours, the simplicity characteristic is essentiel yet – you need colors. Your life is like a rainbow and the black & white couple needs to stay out of it. The Lady Fabergé presented last year had an enamel guioché with diamonds on the bezel. This year, the variations of the same piece offer something a little more edgy.
Bold and daring : isn’t it what artists like to be called?

The 36 mm round case made of either rose or white gold is nothing but classic. The lacquer middle ring topped with  2/3rd matt lacquer dial where the  Roman numerals are laser cut, offers a subtle hue difference balancing out the color of the piece. Fluid, round and angle-free, the Lady Fabergé is set with a self-winding Vaucher 3000 calibre with a 50 hours power reserve. → 16’000 Euros

If you are a CHARMER or a PLAYER you will go with the LADY COMPLIQUEE PEACOCK

The dial itself tells a story but you will be telling yours. You know what you want pretending you can’t reach your goal. Yet, behind all of the complexity of your mind, you don’t let anything come out in control of every move. Everything is simple – or at least, everything seems to be. This is why the Lady Compliquée suits you well for the matter.

The snow-set pavage of the dial made of diamonds and rubies contrasts with the complexity of the peacock. The majestuous animal is carefully carved in white gold whose feathers indicate the jumping minutes of the watch. The hours of the Lady Compliquée can be read by the winding crown located at 2 o’clock off the mother-of-pearl disk that rotates counter clockwise. Poetic and feminine, you can play with time and choose your color… After winning the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève of 2015 with the white version of the Lady Compliquée set with Paraiba, diamonds and tsavorites, the Lady Compliquée comes back with rubies, emeralds or sapphires versions, illustrating the art of color.

Fabergé visionnaire DTZ watch

Lady Fabergé watch yellow

Fabergé Libertine watch

Fabergé Lady compliquee watch

Fabergé Lady compliquee watches

Fabergé watch LADY LEVITY

If you are a BOSSY woman you will go with the VISIONNAIRE DTZ masculine timepiece.

You can assuredly be a woman and wear men’s timepieces. Most women do and they love it. You are the woman type that has quite a temper. You know what you want and surely know what you want from others. You can either be bossy or the boss, in any case the Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ must be yours. A 43mm titanium case should not scare you off.  With a crystal case back offering immediate view on the watch-making prowess: it’s bold and it’s big and it is signed by the horological mastermind Jean-Marc Wiederrecht.

Launched at the Baselworld fair last March, the Faberge DTZ movement was developed with Agenhor offering two timezones simultaneously and a self-winding mechanism. Ideal when you travel, you know exactly what time it is back at the office. It helps each accomplished women to keep good track of time.
The second timezone is located in the center of the sapphire dome visible through an aperture which enables a zoom effet for a more legible format. The use of the 24 hours disc implicates that there is no possible ambiguity on the time therefore, not possibility to lie to your boss (or be lied to as a boss!) → 33’000 Euros

If you are a LOYAL woman, you will go with the LIBERTINE I.

As part of the Dalliance collection – Libertine I is entirely set with emeralds and a few diamonds wandering around the dial. Emeralds are one of the four stones to be considered precious. Green with a variety of intensities, the emerald is considered to be the stone of wisdom, promoting loyalty and hope for the person wearing it. It’s emotional and meaningful. If you are not a firm believer of stone energies, others are, and may as well trust you for your unconscious choices.

Libertine I is a unique piece depicting the Zambian roadmap of Gemfields’ Kagem emerald mine. Giving energetic strenght to the woman who adorns her wrist, the Libertine I has a 36 mm rose gold case set with a 2.39 carat hand-carved central emerald surrounded by 1.69 carats of emerald on the dial and 1.84 carats of diamonds on the bezel. Hours and minutes are delicately displayed with two rose gold arrows coming out of the center part of the dial.

If you are AMBITIOUS you will go with the LADY LEVITY

Taking inspiration from a famous rock crystal desk clock that belongued to Fabergé’s workmaster in St Petersburg, the Lady Levity is the accomplishment of a long journey. As an ambitious and driven-lady, a problem does not stop you from moving forward and even if it takes longer than what you had originally planned you will succeed and reach your goal with perseverance.

The center dial of the Lady Levity shows a subtle moon face surrounded by the mother-of-pearl clouds. A piece of the sky stolen from Earth almost as if someone was watching you back (wrist). The center of the Lady Levity watch can be chosen through bespoke customisation printed on platinum of the domed sapphire crystal thanks to a new technique requiring time and meticulous precision. The hands are made of gold in the shape of a moon for the hours and the sun for the minutes. They had to different. Being able to think outside the box means that you are able to think different in order to succeed. → 24’000 Euros

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