Do you know the birthstone of July ?

The benefits of the ruby, July’s energizing stone by The Eye Of Jewelry.

Author By Teoj

From the Latin “ruber” which means red, its flamboyant colour leaves no one indifferent and is associated with courage and power.

Ruby is an excellent gem for energy. It increases self-confidence, improves motivation and helps to set goals. The ruby would even allow us to follow the path of happiness…

On the physical level, this stone would detoxify the body, the blood and the lymph and would deal with fevers, infections and diseases. In lithotherapy, it is said to have the virtues of curing heart and circulatory problems.

The ruby, symbol of love, would increase passions. It is even said to promote sexual activity… I know some people who will be wearing rubies tonight…! Here is a selection of the most beautiful jewels set with rubies.

Ruby and Emerald Deco Crescent – Jenna Blake


Lev necklace – Laura Sayan
Le rubis en juillet – Maison ROMAE
 Force 10 large model bracelet  – FRED
Charm Rubis Heart Disc – Vram
 Grand Aigle Quartz Rose Rubis charm – Rita & Zia
Jeanne rubis ring- Yv Delloye
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