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Persée Paris

Inspired by Greek mythological references amongst which we can find the popular figure of Perseus, the brand is known for its modern and elegant jewels made of pierced diamonds highlighted by the use of yellow gold.

When we introduced the brand Persée last march, we had the feeling that we were spotting an emerging talent that came with the purpose of changing the way we wear diamond jewelry. We have come to realize that it has almost been a decade since diamonds are not anymore hidden away in a jewelry box or kept for special occasions. Thank you to brands like Messika or Akillis for changing the codes and ruling the jewelry world. This time, Persee goes further and stands out with its offer of fun, easy to wear and accessible diamond pieces.

Depriving each piece jewelry from any metal, Persée rarely set diamonds over one carat size in order to reveal their natural beauty. If you are looking for some statement pieces to adorn your ears, take a closer look at the pieces we’ve rounded up for you! The selection includes notably the fibula earring  that we love for its unique design inspired by the Berbers safety pin to fix their dresses, and the Mama earring inspired by French painter Matisse which is just the piece you need to look sophisticated and voguish!

Behind Persée is a young designer, Nawal Laoui who happens to be passionate about jewelry since her early childhood. After graduating with an MBA in marketing, Laoui began her career in the world of jewelry and watchmaking starting with Fabergé then moving on to Audemars Piguet. Coming back from a trip around the world at the age of 25, she decided to quit her last job in order to focus on launching her own brand in 2017. Inspired by her travels, particularly the know-how of Japanese jewelers in piercing diamonds, Nawal Laoui mixes in her work her love for contemporary art, mythology and her Moroccan roots. An eclectic background that leads her to express her creativity in all its forms and to enchant us everytime.

Persée Paris - Mama earrings mounted on yellow gold with diamonds. Available on The Eye of Jewelry's Shop
Persée ParisMama earrings mounted on yellow gold with diamonds
Persée Paris - Fibule three diamonds earrings on yellow gold. Available on The Eye of Jewelry's Store
Persée ParisFibule three diamonds earrings mounted on yellow gold
Nawal Laoui founder of Persée Paris
Persée ParisNawal Laoui founder of Persée Paris
Persée Paris - Géométrique two diamonds pendant earrings on yellow gold. Available on The Eye of Jewelry's Store
Persée ParisGéométrique two diamonds pendant earrings mounted on yellow gold
Persée Paris - Danaé one diamond ring on white gold. Available on The Eye of Jewelry's Marketplace
Persée ParisDanaé one diamond ring mounted on white gold

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Persée Paris

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