58 Millions for a 14.56 ct. Blue Diamond !

For the first time available on the market the legendary Oppenheimer Blue Diamond was sold in 25 minutes for $58,002,681.- at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction that occured in Geneva on May 18th, 2016.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Last week, another sale got a world record title.

The Oppenheimer Blue, a unique diamond of 14.62 carat with a fancy vivid blue color was once owned by Sir Philip Oppenheimer whose family controled the De Beers mining compagny.The  blue emerald cut diamond set with trapeze shaped diamonds was sold within a 25 minutes bidding battle between 3 collections from 3 different continents in a silent auction room recorded by over 100 iphones for a little over $58 millions!

François Curiel, Chairman of Christie’s Asia Pacific and China explains that it is the first time taht such a diamond comes into auction.

“The Oppenheimer Blue was named in honour of a very special connoisseur — its previous owner, Sir Philip Oppenheimer,’ continued Curiel. ‘The Oppenheimers have been leaders in the diamond industry for generations and Sir Philip could have had any diamond he wanted. But he chose this one, with its perfect hue, impeccable proportions and fabulous rectangular shape.’

The Oppenheimer Blue diamond

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