What is an Amethyst?

The Amethyst is a purple quartz with a variety of violet hues ranging from mauve to deep purple. Matching very well with green stones and red gold, the Amethyst is used in many high jewelry pieces.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The amethyst is a variety of purple quartz. The tint comes from the iron tracks and one of the reasons why it is classified as fine stone.

The name of the stone comes from old Greek and means ” being drunk.” And why is that? Greeks thought that the color of the amethyst resembles the color of the wine mixed with water to alter the dark shade of purple. The paradox is that there is a common belief that says that wearing an amethyst prevents from being drunk.

The Amethyst is a common stone, easily found worldwide… therefore, its price is thus reasonable. The most beautiful amethysts are shaped like diamonds with a variety of facets, and can be used to shape and set decorative objects due to its solidity. Harder than glass, it is resistant in household products.

You can wash it in the water with a little detergent wash, then some alcohol before drying it. Sensitive to heat, if the amethyst is accidentally strongly warmed up its color will become yellow or green.


The properties of the amethyst is useful to deal with disturbances due to stress, tensions, real-life experience. Symbol of wisdom, humility and sincerity, the vibrations of the Amethyst brings peace and dissipates the fears.

The legend says that wearing an amethyst would create a bridge between the sky and the earth, uniting the strengths of the red and the blue forming the purple color. It would confer balance and stability in love and the amethyst would reveal the secrets of life and would give precise indications to understand our dreams. A sudden subconscious relationship is created… facilitating intuition, meditation and guidance towards our real fate.

Also -the amethyst is the stone that marks the 6th wedding anniversary year.

For your information… a geode of amethyst placed in a room happens to clean the atmosphere and helps to get into a relaxation mode.
 His soothing functions allow to avoid insomnia and put under the pillow, the amethyst triggers a peaceful sleep with pleasant dreams.

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