Extraordinary Diamonds: Sotheby’s Blue Moon and Christie’s Vivid Pink

The fall jewelry auctions in Geneva aren’t to be missed. On November 11th of this year, Sotheby’s will have the largest (12.03 carats) cushion-shaped fancy vivid blue diamond that was ever put to auction when Christies will unveil the largest cushion-cut fancy vivid pink diamond (16.08 carats).

Author By Eleonor picciotto

When it comes to coloured gemstones, no selection is complete without the ethereal beauty of pink diamonds, which are so rare they account for 0.03% of the global annual diamond production. November will see Christie’s Geneva unveil the largest cushion-cut Fancy Vivid pink diamond – the most exclusive one to date offered at Magnificent Jewels sale auction. Set in a ring and surrounded by a double row of pavé white diamonds, the design and circular cut accentuate the 16.08-carat of the Fancy Vivid diamond. The platinum band itself is embellished with small circular-cut white diamonds that give it an extra layer of luxurious elegance. Bidding is expected to be in the region of US$23-28 million.

The rose-hued stone exhibits flawless texture and balanced saturation and tone, which alongside its rare colour, make it extremely desirable. Its noteworthy characteristics have earned it the highest grade awarded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

These two spectacular gemstones are the epitome of flawlessness in the world of fine art.

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When it comes to exceptional colored diamonds, some of them are classes above the rest and not just because of their flawlessness. This season gem connoisseurs were struck with awe by an array of vivid, pure and luminous stones that are the epitome of perfection in the context of the four 4Cs. Bare in mind that the easy-to-remember caracteristics of a diamond comprises the cut, the carat weight, the color and the clarity.

Last year, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County saw one of the rarest and most precious diamonds exhibited in the Gem Vault from September 13, 2014 until January 6, 2015 – a superb 12-carat Vivid Blue Moon Diamond. Its characteristics far surpass those of all other colored gemstones due to an impeccable combination of carat weight, rare colour, internal perfection and exceptional clarity. Considered one of the “rarest stones worldwide”, the new find is fashioned in a cushion-cut shape, which emphasizes its strongly-saturated colour. With only a very small percentage of natural diamonds bearing the deep turquoise nuance, this, alongside its noteworthy 12.03-carats, makes the Vivid Blue Moon Diamond a truly rare and exceptional find.

The historic stone was discovered in the Cullinan mine or the Premier Mine, northeast of Pretoria – a mine well-known for some of the most valuable and rare coloured diamonds in the world. The Vivid Blue Moon Diamond is owned by Cora International – renowned manufacturer and supplier of diamonds and is currently loaned to NHM for the time of the exhibition.

Vivid Pink diamond

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