Marquise cuts are the 2018 trend in jewelry transforming the stone from being old-school to super-cool

As much as rose cuts did in the past few years, the marquise cut diamonds are making a huge comeback especially when it comes to custom pieces and designers. Described as a the football-shaped cut but also the navette, a marquise-cut diamond gives a vintage look to a modern setting. Or vice versa.

Author By Holly Albertson

The marquise-cut  has a fascinating origin story, from the 18th century. During this time, King Louis XV of France attended a masked ball in Versailles. It is said that he was dressed as a domino, when he met Jean Antoinette Poisson, who was reportedly dressed as a planet. King Louis XV fell in love of her beauty, and she quickly became his mistress. She was given a place in his court as the Marquise de Pompadour, or more commonly referred to as Madame de Pompadour. What King Louis XV loved the most were her lips: he commissioned a jeweler to create a diamond to replicate her lips. The diamond he created became known as the marquise cut!

At the time, a Marquise was a society ranking between a Duke and an Earl. Each person adorned with marquise diamonds cut was a way to show off their rank. The marquise-cut has 58 facets and can be compared to an emerald cut due to its effect. As a matter of fact, this cut elongates the finger, making it appear more slender. Symmetry and balance are extremely important characteristics. This elongated oval has pointed ends which should be very well protected. The ‘V’ end setting is a great way to protect these points from chipping and scratching a piece of garment.

While most popular during the 1970s, this cut has returned to some popularity. Those that are fascinated in its history or those that desire a unique cut, the marquise is a good option for you.

Similar to the rose-cut, the marquise shape has a rich and interesting background. A past that should not be forgotten. In fact, it is refreshing to see them returning in both contemporary settings sometimes used in row-settings but also appreciated in their antique pieces and settings.

Marquise-Cut Diamond
Marquise-Cut Diamond
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