Pearls: did you know ?

Pearls are the only gem that is alive but to make sure your pearl doesn’t die before you do, you need to take care of it.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

1- Clean your pearl with almond oil every month.

2- Black pearls larger than 10mm are usually issued from a second or third graft.

3- Keep your pearl in a humid environment.

4- Always rince off your pearl with clear water after a seabath.

5- Never swim in a pool with it.

6- Pearls well taken care of last over 800 years.

7- Pearls change colors depending on the sourness of the skin.

8- The muscle of the pearl osyter is super tasty and delicious to eat!

9- The most beautiful pearls aren’t necessarily the roundest ones.

10-On a leather rope, mounted with a white gold chain or set with diamonds, pearls can be worn at all times !

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