What is a smoked quartz ?

Bringing full protection on the body and the mind, the smoked quartz is a protective stone easily recognizable. A light brown tone with a hint of grey that transforms and removes negative energy. Learn more about that stone.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The smoked quartz is a variety of quartz that owes its tint to a natural irradiation of salts of aluminum contained in the state of tracks.

The color of the smoked quartz can vary from beige to black with a variety of hues depending on exposure time or radiation due to the surrounding granite.

With the particularity of not being very expensive the smoked quartz is easy to find, and easy to cut and polish thanks to its absence of cleavage.

You can find two types of smoked quartz:

– The Morion or black quartz is ranging from a very dark brown to opaque black color.
– The Cairngorm has generally a yellow-brown color smoked even if some can be found in grey-brown.

Like most minerals, the smoked quartz has interresting properties and vertues when worn.

smoked quartz

The smoked quartz is a very powerful and effective stone helping the body to fight against stress helping to surmount difficult times. The smoked quartz is known to limit fear, bring emotional peace by improving its lucidity and considered to be the stone of responsibility.

Very effective against tobacco, the smoked quartz would thus be a good ally for all respiratory problems. The stone can calm the cramps and be effective for hips and legs pains.

On the psychological level, this stone is recommended for people lacking of self-confidence and trust in others which enables concentration.

The smoked color represents mystery and raises our level of consciousness. and to clean the stone, you leave it in salt water – it is the best option to keep it clear and clean.

A little tip about smoked quartz : You can put your smoked quartz under the pillow or near your cell phone. It will eliminate the pain specially if you place the stone on the painful area.

smoked quartz jewelry piece

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