Blue Monday: 5 blue gems to wear to avoid depression

This year, Monday January 17th happens to be “Blue Monday” from the English expression “to feel blue”. It turns out that Blue Monday is the depressing day of the year! But fortunately enough, The Eye of Jewelry has found a way to cope with this in a bejeweled way! Here is a selection of 5 jewels…set with blue gems of course, to fight against depression.

Author By Justine Dupont-Martin

In lithotherapy, the blue color would be considered full of strength, associated with softness and serenity. The energies of blue stones would act positively on our thoughts. They allow to keep the stress away, as well as pushing back the negative waves that would calm our spirit and would enable give self-confidence.


One of the greatest virtues of aquamarine stones is that it appears to be a calming stone: it is supposed to reduce fears and calm angry minds, as well as to evacuate emotional shocks.

Tiffany Soleste ring, diamonds and aqua marine – Tiffany & Co.

Topaz is considered a stone conducive to relaxation. A stone of protection, it helps to fight states of sadness and soothes anxiety.

Dancing ring – Marie Mas
The blue sapphire

This stunning gemstone, associated to purity, is supposed to to help purify and detoxify the body. Sapphire is said to strengthen motivation and ease the passage of difficult moments in life. This blue gemstone is said to help resolve insomnia and calm states of anger.

Giardino sapphire ring – Mellerio
The lapis lazuli

Are you an anxious and nervous person? Lapis lazuli is made for you! It would remove negative thoughts from your mind and would bring a deeper inner peace. Considered as a stone of communication, it would untie blockages and facilitate personal expression.

Polpo pendant in 18 carats recycled yellow gold, lapis-lazuli beads and blue topaz – Salomé Rico

Turquoise is a protective stone that would help communication, and what better in times of less well than to open up to others?

Turquoise candle, december birthstone Maison ROMAE
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