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Chanel - Florale Watch from the Coromandel collection set with rubies emeralds and diamonds

Some cross continents in search of inspiration and some travel back in time to explore their heritage: Chanel remains loyal to Gabrielle, Chaumet goes off the beatentrack whilst Buccellati keeps its roots in Italy. This year it seems that brands have abandoned their watchmaking creativity for the sake of sparkling adventures so we’ve unearthed three timepieces for you.

Source : The Watches Magazine, Autumn 2018

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Chaumet whisks us away to the heart of Africa where each piece looks like the Masai jewellery worn by the tribes whose glass beads have been replaced by rows of precious gemstones. Rubies, onyx, yellow and blue sapphires form a blend of warm colours in keeping with this culture’s energy. The only secret watch in the Trésors d’Afrique collection has a strap made up of three rows of rubies giving a sense of the timepiece’s suppleness as a cabochon ruby reveals a sparkling dial. Like an African mask with strips of burgundy lacquer brought to life by diamonds and yellow sapphires, you can’t help but seek out what lies beneath.

Chaumet – Trésors d’Afrique Secret Watch with lacquer and set with a ruby cabochon, yellow sapphires and diamonds
Chaumet – Trésors d’Afrique Secret Watch

Once again, Chanel has paid an enthusiastic tribute to Gabrielle, the brand’s founder and eternal muse. It was love at first sight in 1910 when Coco was introduced to Coromandel lacquer by her lover at the time, Boy Capel. She collected 33 of them and used it to adorn all her houses apart from La Pausa in Italy. The Haute Joaillerie Coromandel collection appeared in early summer for the first time with black gold and the use of colourful gems which is rare for the brand. The Calligraphie Florale watch cuff blending gold and platinum adorned by eight rubies, orange sapphires, black spinels, diamonds and emeralds is a fine example of their innovation.

Chanel - Florale Watch from the Coromandel collection
Chanel – Florale Watch from the Coromandel collection

Watches make sense with the range of gold Rigato cuffs chiselled to create endless parallel lines on the metal’s surface to capture and reflect light. With its silky look on the wrist, Buccellati’s Icône collection now has the Opéra watch whose diamond dial reflects the brand’s signature floral pattern that appears throughout the strap paved with four diamonds every time.

Buccellati - Opéra Watch on yellow and white gold set with diamonds and mother-of-pearl
Buccellati – Opéra Watch
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