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Most Watched : The ROLEX Rainbow Daytona

The Rainbow Daytona made in everose gold and set with multi-colored baguette sapphires was the ultimate Rolex to spot this year. Rarity ? Eccentricity ? Modernity ? Rolex says it all.

In search of lost time…

Some cross continents in search of inspiration and some travel back in time to explore their heritage: Chanel remains loyal to Gabrielle, Chaumet goes off the beatentrack whilst Buccellati keeps its roots in Italy. This year it seems that brands…

Baselworld 2018 : a bling vintage

Since the Swatch Group announced their non-participation into next year’s Baselworld show, the entire watch industry shakes to the thought of what will happen next. Yet, this year’s novelties were so dazzling that it was hard to believe that it…

A watch strap for every style

Summer is in the air and all of a sudden your watch looks obviously too wintery? Well, it is time to add a dose of color and trendiness to your timepiece with interchangeable bands.

Snow Time with Ralph Lauren

Winter isn’t over yet and The Eye of Jewelry has made the most of the last snowflakes to venture between the fir trees with the new stirrup chronograph by Ralph Lauren whose interchangeable strap makes everyone’s lives easier.

Stop to spread love with a Bubble in the desert

Think about a place where the notion of time does not exists, where money disappears and where you are the absolute master of your desires and movements. No wonder your watch becomes futile … it only serves as an accessory…