What is a Spessartite?

With such an intense coloring, Spessartite Garnets make for the perfect stone to highlight a High Jewelry piece. These orange colored stones have recently been on the rise in popularity in the latest High Jewelry collections we have spotted during…

What is an Amazonite?  

Amazonite is a translucent to opaque mineral, that comes in shades of green. This stone was named after the Amazon River, though no deposits have been found there. Amazonite can come with white streaks in them, creating beautiful patterns for…

What is a Cabochon ?

Described as one of the oldest cutting techniques for gemstones, cabochons have been around for decades. This rounded top or pyramidal style can be seen in many gemstones, with a few differing shapes and styles.

Colombian vs. African emeralds: what are the differences?

Colombian emeralds have always been at the forefront of emeralds, but there is a new contender in the mix. These African stones obviously have many similarities as they are still emeralds, but there are some differences due to the origin.

Everything you should know about emerald cut

Considered as one of the most beautiful diamond shapes, the emerald cut was born out of the first cutting style for diamonds. Known to enhance color, emerald cuts can also be found for other gemstones.

Conch Pearl: Everything You Need To Know!

Known for their beautiful coral like colors, the Conch pearl has been used in jewelry ever since the Victorian Era. Classic, just like traditional white pearls, Conch pearls bring gorgeous colorings to their jewelry pieces.