Which stones to boost your power of seduction?

What if we look at the stones to awaken the goddess within us? Two creators lent themselves to the game and entrusted us with their favourite gems to attract (and keep!) Cupid in their nets.

What are the 4 Cs? Why is it important?

Hunting for that perfect diamond may seem rather daunting. One way to simplify the process is to think about the 4Cs. These are the 4 most important aspects to a diamond: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. The 4Cs have…

TALK: synthetic diamonds, diamonds provoking debate

Synthetic diamonds, previously reserved for industry, now stand supreme as real challengers to natural diamonds. The question however is: how much so? Can synthetic diamonds be put on a par with natural diamonds? Do they embody the future of the…

What is a Tsavorite?

Tsavorite is a gemstone from the garnet family that was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania and again in Kenya in 1971, near the Tsavo East National Park. Tiffany & Co took interest in this light to deep, rich green gemstone,…

What kind of stone is the Tagua seed?

With the controversial issues surrounding the use of ivory, it is no surprise that jewelers have been looking for an alternative option. Jewelers have found that new inspiration in vegetable ivory, or more commonly known as tagua nut. 

What is a Spessartite?

With such an intense coloring, Spessartite Garnets make for the perfect stone to highlight a High Jewelry piece. These orange colored stones have recently been on the rise in popularity in the latest High Jewelry collections we have spotted during…

What is an Amazonite?  

Amazonite is a translucent to opaque mineral, that comes in shades of green. This stone was named after the Amazon River, though no deposits have been found there. Amazonite can come with white streaks in them, creating beautiful patterns for…

What is a Cabochon ?

Described as one of the oldest cutting techniques for gemstones, cabochons have been around for decades. This rounded top or pyramidal style can be seen in many gemstones, with a few differing shapes and styles.

Colombian vs. African emeralds: what are the differences?

Colombian emeralds have always been at the forefront of emeralds, but there is a new contender in the mix. These African stones obviously have many similarities as they are still emeralds, but there are some differences due to the origin.

Everything you should know about emerald cut

Considered as one of the most beautiful diamond shapes, the emerald cut was born out of the first cutting style for diamonds. Known to enhance color, emerald cuts can also be found for other gemstones.

Conch Pearl: Everything You Need To Know!

Known for their beautiful coral like colors, the Conch pearl has been used in jewelry ever since the Victorian Era. Classic, just like traditional white pearls, Conch pearls bring gorgeous colorings to their jewelry pieces.

Where do Paraiba Tourmaline stones come from?

With its extremely unique neon blue and green color, the Paraiba tourmaline has quickly become a popular and sought after gemstone. Hailing from Brazil or Africa, these stones have been the centerpiece to some gorgeous and unique pieces of jewelry.

Are you an August baby ?

If you happen to be an august baby, you are fortunate because peridot happen to be your stone. Known as the “love at the first sight” stone, peridot is quite spiritual. Associated with the heart Chakra, it improves clear-sightedness, and…

Are you a July baby?

If you happen to be a july baby, you are fortunate because ruby happen to be your stone. It is known as one of the four precious stones, including emerald, sapphire and diamond. It’s deep red color symbolize love and…

Are you a June Baby?

If you happen to be a June baby… You are fortunate because pearl and moonstone happen to be yours stones.

Are you a May baby?

If you happen to be a May baby… You are fortunate because the emerald happens to be your stone. Through a large variety of green shades, the particularity of the emerald is to bring serene love. Consequently, it helps you to…

Are you an April baby ?

If you happen to be an April baby… You are fortunate because Diamond is your STONE. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but they are also believed to create positive energy in an individual and interact with positive forces of…

What is a Garnet ?

A legend says that when a wise man dreams about an almandin garnet, he immediately finds a solution to the mysteries of the life ? Well, the Garnet is even more spectacular in the variety of colors the stone offers,…

What is a Jade ?

Green, White or Pink… The Jade had been known and used for the past  7’000 years considered to be a symbol of absolut power. In China, the Jade is called “The Imperial stone” in honor of the favorite stone of…