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Blue Monday: 5 blue gems to wear to avoid depression

This year, Monday January 17th happens to be “Blue Monday” from the English expression “to feel blue”. It turns out that Blue Monday is the depressing day of the year! But fortunately enough, The Eye of Jewelry has found a…

High Jewelry: yellow diamonds are making a great comeback

Impossible to miss the sweeping success sparked by this colored diamond, which took pride of place in almost all the high jewelry collections showcased during the Haute Couture week. So, what makes it different? Why are leading luxury brands making…

Tiffany & Co. : when and how was it founded?

An ambitious and young Charles Lewis Tiffany can be credited for the start of Tiffany & Co. His business minded nature helped to create a jewelry legacy we still have the chance to see today.

Tiffany Diamonds : where do they come from?

Tiffany & Co. has a reputation for being the best of the best, and their diamonds are no different. As one of the top leaders in sustainable jewelry, they provide an abundance of information on where their diamonds come from.