Maison Romae

Expert in jewelry, Eléonor Picciotto, strengthens year after year her knowledge of stones, leading training sessions for professionals in the jewelry industry mandated through her media and Marketplace The Eye Of Jewelry. Little by little, his research leads him to the energies of stones and their healing powers.

According to the precepts of Lithotherapy, to each ailment, his stone; and to each month of birth his stone. The sharing of its knowledge and the desacralization of the universe of jewelry are its driving forces.

It was during her travels, as an inveterate adventurer, that she began to imagine objects that would showcase these stones found in the four corners of the world and launched her own brand Maison Romae.

Maison Romae is about accessing what is thought to be inaccessible by desacralizing the perception of jewelry. This lifestyle brand allows you to get a close look at this colorful, magical, creative and precious universe where each material and each stone is sourced directly by its creator Eléonor Picciotto.

Playful, dreamlike and sunny, the Maison Romae creations are inspired by the travels to the four corners of the world that accompany the luxury adventurer, the heroine of the house, who cherishes her fetish pieces that she takes with her to the four corners of the world.
time to find or imagine. Maison Romae is a lifestyle brand that offers access to the world of jewelry by proposing precious and accessible objects around the stone.

The brand offers jewelry products, but is not necessarily a jewelry brand. Not having the soul of a creator, as a luxury adventurer, Eléonor Picciotto thinks about how to use these beautiful stones cut and polished but without any setting. A year and a few trips later, she decided to gather and materialize all her ideas under the name Maison Romae, acronym of amore in Italian, thus demonstrating her love for stones.

At Maison Romae everything is simple but not simplistic. Nothing is left to chance, everything has a story.

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Maison Romae

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