Piaget’s most exquisite high-jewelry pieces

Piaget’s Golden Oasis collection, an absolute ode to nature, invites us on a journey to the heart of the desert. Arid scenescapes bathed in sunlight interwoven with lush oasis dreamscapes, nature center stages its immaculate contrasts.

A quick glance at TASAKI’s neo-futuristic earrings

Seascapes… favorite subject for the Japanese jewelry house and its new playground for this futuristic-spirited high jewelry collection. Graphic lines and organic curves vibrate in a fantastic décor where pearls reign supreme. Invitation to dive into TASAKI‘s world.

High Jewelry: yellow diamonds are making a great comeback

Impossible to miss the sweeping success sparked by this colored diamond, which took pride of place in almost all the high jewelry collections showcased during the Haute Couture week. So, what makes it different? Why are leading luxury brands making…

WANT: ode to the colour of Kim Mee Hye’s CCristina rings

Kimy Gringoire, creator of Belgian origin, recently established in Mexico, drew her inspiration for her latest collection from the Maya civilization. And, the result… Discreetly-luxurious pieces reinterpreting the floral theme with an ultra-contemporary twist.