Top 5 pieces of jewelry with a spiky edge

Rounded, aggressive or pointy, nails and spikes  have never cease to inspire designers who use them in order to make a statement in bold pieces of jewelry for a rock’n’roll look more than ever. Lesson of style !

Why fall in love with Rainbow K Jewelry?

Founded by two friends, Kelia and Kelly, the Parisian label Rainbow K is adored by A-list celebrities and women looking for original pieces, tinged with a hint of vintage. What is their recipe for success?

Precious bubbles for the new Bollicine collection by DoDo

The Bollicine collection, launched in 2020, is inspired by the design of Champagne bubbles that invite celebration… although this year may not be the best year for it. And yet, it is not without imagination that, DoDo presents new versions…

WHO WORE WHAT at the 2021 Golden Globes?

Last week was held the 78th Golden Globes ceremony which rewarded film and television masterpieces. It was an opportunity to discover the most dazzling creations of the jewelry houses.  A glimpse of the jewels spotted on the stars!


A classic among classics, the heart is one of the undeniable jewelry designs that never cease to inspire designers. In turn unstructured or worked in a coordinated pattern, the symbol lends itself to all desires. Here is a review of…

Which stones to boost your power of seduction?

What if we look at the stones to awaken the goddess within us? Two creators lent themselves to the game and entrusted us with their favourite gems to attract (and keep!) Cupid in their nets.

De Beers seen as a multiple brand company

Once a monopoly in the diamond market, De Beers is a major player in all parts of the diamond world. Hailing from South Africa and London, this corporation is more just than just a brand as it has become a…

Jewel of the day: The Ariel ring by Frédérique Berman

Andersen’s heroine inspired the designer to create a ring that crystallises the duality of this children’s story. Between art nouveau aesthetics and contemporary spirit, Frédérique Berman’s latest creation achieves the perfect mix. A must-have to discover now on the market…

5 jewels set with garnet – january birthstone

What if we started the year with a jewel set with its birthstone? First concerned, the Sagittarians and the Capricorns will turn to the garnet, stone associated with the month of January to fill up with energizing waves. Review in…

CRUSH: The Snake ring from the House Ole Lynggaard

A true totem animal, the snake inspired one of the Danish jewellery house’s flagship pieces, the Snake ring. An icon that she is reinterpreting this season with ornamental stones of bewitching beauty.

CRUSH: Totem rings signed DANGLETERRE

After a career in design, Ségolène Dangleterre puts her sharp eye on jewelry and delivers a collection of precious objects with an irresistible singularity. Discovery.

All you need to know about De Beers Diamonds

De Beers diamonds have been a prized possession for many years. Ever since the brand was launched, diamonds have been their sole focus. Their mission is to provide each and everyone with the most beautiful and brilliant stone they can…

Check out the coolest 15 jewelry pieces below 1000 euros

Are you starting to get bored? Considering that you’ve probably saved a little bit of money from not eating or going out with your girlfriends this month, you may be able to treat yourself and finally get that dream jewel…

Don’t forget to clean your jewelry!

There’s nothing complicated about cleaning your jewelry and there is nothing dangerous about brushing your stones – it all depends on the type of gem of course. If you want your jewels to shine, you simply need to clean them…

How to smart out quarantins’ occupations!

The second week of containment is coming to an end… boredom is starting to set in, absurd but no less fun videos continue to get shared on IG or Whatsapp but it’s high time to change your pseudo-routine and start…