6 jewels looking like candies !

This summer, the trend is for flashy colours with jewellery that looks like candies. To be worn in the city as well as on the beach, we mix them with more classic pieces to be stylish with our outfits. We…

Push Gift : the best jewelry selection

Did you know that a piece of jewelry that is being offered to a mother who just gave birth is called a push gift ? As a matter of fact, a piece of jewelry is probably the best present to…

Medal madness: the timeless grigri every one wants !

For our greatest pleasure, the medal is back ! Alone or stacked, we now wear this jewel in all sizes and at all lengths to sublimate our neckline. Whether they are symbolic or simply aesthetic, the medal has become the…

What are we wearing for Spring ?

Spring is finally back and it is starting to gently settle in – plants are budding, the weather is getting milder, the days are getting longer…out with the winter and in with the colors! What are the hottest trends for…

Top 5 Instagram accounts to follow !

Are you passionate about jewelry, watches and fashion? You are at the right place! Every month, I’ll meet you here to share the top 5 Instagram accounts to follow in 2022!

6 things to know about lab-grown diamonds

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Chains: jewels with character!

If like me you are an uncontested fan of mesh necklaces and bracelets, this article is for you! XXL links, American mesh, jaseron, horse, coffee bean, a selection of 13 pieces to offer or to be offered.

Top 5 pieces of jewelry with a spiky edge

Rounded, aggressive or pointy, nails and spikes  have never cease to inspire designers who use them in order to make a statement in bold pieces of jewelry for a rock’n’roll look more than ever. Lesson of style !

Why fall in love with Rainbow K Jewelry?

Founded by two friends, Kelia and Kelly, the Parisian label Rainbow K is adored by A-list celebrities and women looking for original pieces, tinged with a hint of vintage. What is their recipe for success?